Live Aloha. Ride Aloha.

"Mauna" is the Hawaiian word for mountain and at Mauna Ride Wear, we don't just sell mountain biking apparel; we live and breathe the Aloha spirit that fuels our passion for adventure on two wheels. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief: "We live aloha and since bikes are life, we ride aloha." This mantra drives everything we do.

Our Inspiration: Inspired by the lush landscapes and the welcoming spirit of Hawaii, our brand embodies the essence of Aloha. We're not just an MTB apparel company; we're a community of riders who find joy and unparalleled stoke on the trails.

Quality Meets Style: We understand that mountain bikers demand gear that not only performs but also reflects their unique style. That's why our products seamlessly blend high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and distinctive designs. Whether you're conquering rugged terrain or cruising scenic routes, Mauna Ride Wear has you covered.

Join Our Journey: We invite you to join our community of riders who share the same love for MTB and the Aloha spirit. Together, we'll embrace adventure, respect nature, and spread aloha on and off the trails.